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2002 Chevrolet Suburban

We call it "Moose"

I've become one of those truly obnoxious sights on the urban landscape today. A lone housewife doing her daily errands in an SUV big enough to house a small country. Conspicuous consumerism at it's finest. On a side note, if John ever tells you that you're going someplace "just to look", don't you believe it!!

I really had no good reason to not buy this thing. Zero percent financing, and it's enough truck to keep us traveling with the kids no matter how old they get. Trust me, if you've never spent six hours in a car with three offspring wedged into a bench seat, you have never really understand the urge to kill. There will be no trouble with that now, since we can put up to two children in a completely different zip code while we're on the road.

It is however significantly bigger than the truck I was used to driving, a little S-10 Blazer. But I'm getting better and more comfortable with the big one. We offer these comparison photos of the old and new trucks together. But I'm not sure I'm ever going to be able to parallel park this sucker!

Old vs. New

Big vs. Little

payed for vs. financed

It's just huge.

I'm not sure I'm glad we were able to buy all this motor vehicle with just our signatures, but I was happily surprised to learn I could manage to make the payments on it. If it turns out that I can't, I may just let the mortgage lapse and live in the truck. It's cheaper to heat in the winter, and has more storage space then my house.



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