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Marcy & Todd

Lisa's Photos

On March 3, 2003 Marcy finally made an honest man out of Todd and we were lucky enough to attend. We love you guys.
This page is photos that I took and John's photos are on the following page.
Michele - Official Flower Girl The Mango Of Honor The Video Crew
You May Smooch The Bride Mr. & Mrs. Palino The Best Elf
Faith and Dana - Newlyweds Too! Major Yumminess THE Darcy
Elf Toast Frist Dance The Bride Cuts the Cake
The Groom Cuts the Cake Lexi and Sammy (mini-mead) Clanchief of Love
Tribal Celebration White Men Can't Dance John and Darcy
Getting her "Freak On" Dancin' Mango No Boys Allowed?
The Girls Who's leading? Baby Got Back
They Never Stop He used to carry her in one hand... John Gets a Cuddle
Last Dance   Comfortable At Last

John's Photos


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