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Random Favorites

Squirrel Formerly In Our Attic
Cute, Yet Destructive

Caught and Released
This little guy got caught on the wrong side of the now-repaired hole in the attic. He was none too pleased about all the fuss.

Tricked By Peanut Butter
Stupid Cat

A Typical View Of My Computer - Through the Cat
Cooper has taken to trying to catch the mouse pointer every morning while I check my email with my first cup of coffee.

Cooper Chasing a Mouse
Snow Storm
Face Down Off The Steps Wheee! Snow Angel By Picasso
  Snow Dog  
A Baby Story
On The  Next Jerry Springer...

As part of a life study class, Sam's friend Justin had to "raise" a child for a few days. We loaned him a few baby things, and I gave a lecture on how I didn't want to see this happen "for real".

Proud Pappa
No particular reason, just photos I like.
Travis and Samantha I see you! John and Lisa
John and Lisa and his Iron Mistress Like Mother, Like Daughter - Photo by Lars E. Lunde The wedding party.


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