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The Inlaws

Ronni and Ray
Grandma & Grandpa My mother and father in law. Really terrific people who have done a great job in raising my hubby to be the man that he is. Mom's a retired nurse, Ray's a retired Lutheran minister. My chief complaint is that it's difficult to schedule enough time to see them these days, but that's a bear we all have to cross.
Jennifer John's younger sister, who I've known since she was 12 years old. She's engaged to be married in the summer of 2003 to a really nice guy named Rich, who I will get a photo of up here as soon as I can. This will give my children *two* uncle Richards. As if the little monsters weren't naturally confused enough already.
Richard John's younger brother and a generally nice guy to have around. He's a great source of peace of mind, knowing that he's living out by the folks and helping to take care of things. I also need to get a better picture of him dammit. He usually cleans up nice.
The Bada Cousins
The Bada Carol and Freddy and their kids Maddy and Timmy.
All the Kids Maddy and Timmy Carol and Freddy


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