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Family Birthdays

Lisa 2002

Tragically, I found out this year that 40 definitely applies to me. To offset the horror, John presented me with my very ownest little digital camera. These photos are mostly me trying to figure out how the damned thing worked. I realized just how much of a geek I'd become when I loved getting gifts that came with software.

John took the first photo. Alexis and Travis The Munch Dog
Travis, prior to world domination. Sleepy Samantha Aunt Jennifer stopped by.
Soon to be brother in law Rich, trying to avoid the dog tongue of doom. True dog pile on Samantha
Lexi 2002

Alexis turned 12 this year, and invited a bunch of her friends over to destroy my house. I have only two photos because I spent the rest of the night serving pizza and trying to rescue our possessions.

Demolition team arrives. Bunny Ears - classic party fun.
Mom & John - 2001
Alexis, Jennifer, Samantha Mom and John Mom and Dad
Dad - 2001
Mom, Dad, John, Richard and Jennifer Grandpa, Samantha, Alexis and Travis  
John - 2002
John's 40th Birthday Make A Wish Birthday Breakfast
  Snipe Memorial Breakfast  
Samantha - 2002
Sam and her new guitar Sam and her new guitar Samantha's Party
Sam and Lauren cake Crickett and Mike


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