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Wedding Ideas

Everybody should know by now how dear I hold Gareth. He's a terrific friend, a decent human being and I'm glad he is a part of my and my family's life. Having said that, it doesn't stop me from taking cheap shots at the man. It's just too target rich an environment.

Gareth recently became engaged to a really wonderful lady by the name of Karen (or Celly, depending on whether she is at faire) and we wish them every happiness that life has to offer. In an effort to make it easier for them to sort out all the possible themes and ideas for their wedding, I offer these humble suggestions and observations. (For which I 've already apologized deeply to Karen. Gareth gets nothing and likes it.). If you really want wedding horror, put "theme weddings" into any web browser and prepared to be amazed. The things people do in the name of love. A very strong argument for never leaving the house again really.

It's become common to release live butterflies at the end of marriage ceremonies today. We assume because no bride wants to be covered in dove poop on her special day. You can now get wedding accessories to carry the butterfly them into the reception as well.

Butterfly Garter
Butterfly Bridal Garter
Butterfly Cake Server
Butterfly Cake Service
Butterfly Groom
Butterfly Groom
Butterfly Toasting Flutes
Butterfly Champange Flutes


Disco Lives

Gareth could choose to go "retro" with a bad eighties tuxedo featuring the ugly ruffly shirt. Combined with a "ready for disco" hairstyle, he'd be ready to Hustle the night away. (As if "hustle" wasn't his middle name anyway.) On second thought, maybe we should all get down on our knees and give a prayer of thanks to the Diety of our choice that the 80's are mercifully over.

Cute Cake Top

I think a whimiscal romantic cake top would be perfect to express the playfulness that this couple seem to share whenever they are together. Staid and stuffy is not the way to go at all, don't you agree? I still say I should be allowed to make the bleedin' Groom's Cake though.

Viva Las Vegas

These crazy kids could decide to run away from it all and get married in Vegas, by Elvis of course. You can find it all on the web. Be afraid.

Though if you're going to elope, you can keep it casual. And remember, sometimes a cigar is a different device entirely.



You can save a bundle on expenses by just forgoing overpriced wedding attire. Though after searching the web for photos like this, I have to say most people have no business ever taking off their clothes, let alone putting it on the internet for anyone to see. I'm going to go wash out my eyes with a little clorox and brillo if you don't mind.

A white dress?  Who's he kidding?

Though when you come right down to it, it's all downhill after the dress. Just don't forget the littlest members of your wedding party!



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