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The Clanchief's Adventures

Gareth Treads the Boards

On our long delayed, yet continued (because Sheepboy can't keep his mouth shut) adventures of our beloved Clanchief, Gareth MacDoudghall Macneil Leherer MacMuffin MacDobhron, we will show you the dirty little secret that he hides from the world.

He's a thespian. There, I said it. Right out in public too. Not many people know that because he is a *humble* and *shy* clanchief.

We present here selected shots from Gareth's portfolio. We hope you enjoy them as much as he enjoyed practicing his craft, not for the personal glory, but for the pleasure it gives to the masses.

You Bastards!

What needs to be said really? Gareth's sense of whimsey not too mention his ability to die in almost any and every social situation made him the perfect choice to play Kenny in the South Park sequel, "Rug Rats Must Die".
Isn't she lovely...

Though initially hoping to be cast as the title role of "The Mummy", Gareth's captivating beauty landed him the choice role of "Evie", Brendan Fraiser's love interest. Unfortunately Mr. Fraiser found Gareth a little too captivating and was simply too distracted to perform adequately. Gareth did the only honorable thing and relinquished the role.
To infinity, and down the block!

When producers needed to cast pivotal character the second Buzz in Toy Story Two, they looked for someone heroic, lovable and obviously confused. Clearly Gareth was the only choice, shown here in costume for the part of Buzz Lightbulb.

Gareth's first acting role was taking the Rocky Horror Picture Show to the stage, at the Tibetan Center For Cultural Advancement. Audience members were held speechless by his portrayal of Frank N. Furter and rushed madly from their seats at the end of the show. We believe this was in order to spread word of the fantastic production. Regrettably, the show was closed after only one performance due to a fire of unknown origin during the night.
Momma says...

Gareth brought a tear to many an eye with his touching portrayal of a simple common man. Placing all the emphasis of the part on "simple". After fully immersing himself in the role, Gareth remains to this day uncomplicated, basic and running back and forth across America.
Oh, the horror.

In a homage to the era of the great silent movies genre, Gareth plays the Vampire Bahcula in the movie "Suck This". This film also featured an uncredited cameo appearance by Ethel Barrymoo in a fabulous hat.
Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

Many people upon seeing this photo, assume it's from Gareth's stuntdouble days during Gone With The Wind. Actually, it's just how he likes to dress on the weekends.


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