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The Clanchief's Adventures

Holidays With Gareth

It occurred to me as I was finishing up the last photo for the month, that I haven't talked to my beloved Sheepboy much the past couple months. This is my bad, since life has gotten far more interesting than ever of late (and the reason I'm totally out of Xanax). Just so he knows, I do adore him.

One a side note, Samantha was remembering how easily the "flower girl face" came together...truly, it was the easiest photo manipulation I've ever done with Gareth, just sized it and whammo, it was perfect. Samantha has decided that it is because it is clearly Gareth's inner child. The idea that Gareth's inner child is a little girl with blond ringlets will keep me awake at night. If the man himself has any rebuttal to these observations, they can be directed to Samantha herself. Marcy really ought to devise a Snarky Junior badge for my girls, they are really carrying on the tradition.

A Great Pumpkin?I really think Pumpkin Masters should come up for a pattern for this face.

A Puritan???Okay, I was gonna get snarky and make a joke about the condition of the country if Gareth *had* been a founding father. Then I thought about it, and I decided it probably wouldn't be that bad. It'd be a a lot more relaxed at any rate.

Ho, ho ho!Sitting on Santa's lap is a sure way to celebrate the holidays. Wouldn't hurt none if Santa was sitting on a barstool at the time.

(C'mon...I had to put Celly in one, didn't I?)

Happy 2003!!Here's wishing everyone a healthy, blissful and properous 2003!



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