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The World Spins Foolishly Onward...

So...it's been awhile. I've been busy, busy, busy...and yet I get nothing accomplished...but at least I'm trying to get back to work on this.

To begin...with a grand flourish of my hand and a small cry of despair....I managed to turn an 8 gig hard drive into a doorstop. All I was doing was installing the new CPU fan. I won't be doing THAT again anytime soon. We still aren't sure how I managed to kill the poor hard drive, but at least I didn't suffer the same fate. I'm not sure I'd have been as kind about it as Rick was, but we're slowly getting things together again on the replacement.

The kids go back to school next week...seems like the summer went by both too fast and not fast enough. Isn't that always the way it is with kids??? They are all bored and anxious to get back...except for Travis. He has decided at the ripe old age of seven that school's not for him and he's dropping out. Needless to say his father and I have serious objections to this plan and he'll be standing outside the school waiting for that entrance bell. Momma's going back to the gym!!! The house is going to stay clean for six hours straight, and there will be no damn Nickolodean blaring in the background all day. This is bliss.

The faire season is more than halfway through at NYRF for the year. John and I actually managed to get a good amount of time "alone together" this year, as Grandma has been taking the kids fairly often. It's been a rainy summer, but only on the weekends I have a sitter. I could have ended the drought in the northeast that much sooner if I'd only made the connection earlier. It's been a typical summer at Tux, and if you know Tux, you know what that means! It's hard to believe there's only three weekends left, and I'm never sure how I feel about it when it's finally done.

Life has been good in a lot of ways here at Salim's Lot. There is much rejoicing that the iron steeds of both Frick and Frack are operating at peak enjoyment levels. I dunno know why I get such a good feeling watching "my boys" going out and riding, but I do. It's even better still now that Rick's got Darlene riding along with him...the four of us have been out several times just having fun and grabbing a bite to eat. The simple things in life are truly the best. Simple things, and the Buffalo Shrimp at Hooters...next Sunday again guys?

Have a peek around the photo pages for new stuff from NYRF '99 and photos of the kids doing a pony ride at Wild West City. WWC is a little western "village" near us that we've wanted to take the kids to for a while, and we finally made it.

See ya next week...

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