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The Saga Continues...

So it's coming along..I've stolen a Java script from Aleesun that I wanted for no good reason. (Don't worry I asked first!) And I'm getting my links in shape, although not as fast as I should be and in general still tearing my hair out when every little change leads to six or more corrections. Until I actually learn a little about cgi, if you want notices about updates (why you would, I can't imagine) send me an email (link on the opening page) and I'll send ya a note. Best I can do for now, until I get a book or something.

I've been cranky lately. I realize that. This only goes to show you why I DON'T rock as a person. (Sticks out tongue at Bethany!) I'm not all that, or even the side of fries. I'm just one little person trying to get along in this world and sometimes falling flat on my ass. I have my own pet peeves and they come out as screaming snarling beasties. If people don't want to hear what I have to say about something, maybe they should stop asking me huh? Because for the sake of my own rapidly fading mental health, I'm not gonna hold back and "be nice" anymore. I figure this beyond all else is going to put this Lisa Rocks reputation in the weeds.

I want to take a minute to wish my honey a happy birthday. He's gonna be 37 years old this coming Tuesday, July 27th. I've got something planned for him, which I can't divulge here (he reads this) we're getting a sitter to mind the monsters for us so I can take him out for a bit and have a little non-parental fun. *G*

Happy Birthday wishes going out to Sandie and Bethany today too! Rick, (the lucky bastid) got to take off for the weekend and go down and visit with everyone and help in the birthday celebrations, while we got to stay home and ride the preteen hormonal roller coaster (Samantha is 10, let the wild rumpus begin!) I'm not jealous. Really I'm not. But I'm really having second thoughts about this whole motherhood idea. But anyway, I hope a good birthday time is had by all...and it is kinda fun knowing all the secret birthday surprises that are going on. When Sandie found out I knew that a special person was going to be there, she called me a bad name, rhymes with itch. Is that nice? I can't wait to find out what Bethany has to say when she finds out I knew that Kat WOULD be at her birthday party.

I was gonna rant a little about the lack of honesty in today's society, but I'm honestly too tired and I have to get dinner ready. Maybe next time!!!

See ya next week...

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