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Oops, I did it again...

Welcome to the new and improved Adjustable Wench

Don't bug me about the lack of activity on the site, I'll just put my fingers in my ears and hum until you go away.

My husband, Mr. Helpful, points out that the redesign is very "feminine". Here's a newsflash folks, I'm a girl. So it all should work out okay.

Big changes in the past couple of years, some good, some forced by circumstance. Since I'm not really cranky at the moment, I won't go into it. I don't really feel the need to vent, but I am feeling copius amounts of guilt because even as I type, I can feel the clean dishes sitting in the washer just waiting to be put away. So the aforementioned activity lack is *not* completely my fault. There's just not enough Lisa to go around. Hopefully there'll be even less in the near future, since the diet is going really well. Promises of jpegs of the black lace dress to those that asked when I don't feel quite so much like Godzilla.

Take a look around. There's tons of updated and long delayed photo collections from renaissance faires (two years worth I hope) and complete reworks of the remaining sections of the site.

Big squishy hugs to two of the bestest people on earth, Karen (Celly) and Gary (Sheepboy) on the occasion of their engagement. I'm really glad that you two have found in each other, and I'm doubly happy that I was able to be there to see the proposal. All of my wishes for a lifetime of happiness.

See ya next week...

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