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Absolutely Nothin'....

Well, I don't have much to rant about this week it would seem. You'd think with such a target rich environment such as snipers getting arrested and the total lack of anyone worth voting for in yet another election, I'd be running off at the mouth. I'm horribly unmotivated, mostly because I'm very very sleepy.

I have a psychotic cat. Cooper Cat has decided lately that standing on my head at four in the morning is a good thing to do. I don't know why. Then he's got to crawl over John, climb across the night tables and then sit on the dog's night crate and look in at him upside down, which then drives Munch bat shit, which makes it even harder for me to sleep. So I got up again early today, tried to sleep on the couch a little, but was woken up at seven by my son so we could watch BattleBots together. I really need some sleep.

Had two calls last night about the Blazer and one guy was very adamant that we not sell it before he had a chance to look at it, and so far neither one of them has shown up. If I had the room in the driveway I'd try to keep the little truck, but parking at our house is at a premium. I just wish I knew why people say they are coming to look at it, then don't bother to let you know they are not coming. People suck.

We had a pretty good Halloween this year, especially since I didn't have to schlep around with the kids begging for candy that I know they are never going to finish. Samantha and her friend Gabby took the two littler ones around for about an hour and a half, and by then they were cold enough to come home again. I spent the time answering the door and trying to convince the dog that we were not under enemy attack. He takes it very personally when people dare to invade our house and acts little a hairy midget Doberman. Of course then he licks em to death, but he does make a good show of it.

Ten after twelve and no guys keeping their promises to come look at the Blazer. It's a good thing I didn't put off anything trivial like open heart surgery to be free and home this morning huh? Drop me an email if you want to buy a 1993 Chevy Blazer in good condition, with lots of new parts. I need the room in the driveway.

See ya next week...



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