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Not Enough Time...

Life has been going by at a breakneck speed lately. As usual around the holidays, there's never enough time to do everything I need (or want!) to do. I finally did manage to tweeze my eyebrows, and no longer look like Sasquatch. Yay me.

Let's see, where to start. The good news is, we sold the Blazer. To our future brother in law of all people!! Of course we no sooner sell the four wheel drive vehicle then we get our first real snow of the season. Since John had the later commute (and snow was forecast all damn day), he took The Big Truck and I had the Monte Carlo. Driving that car on dry roads is a total rush...driving it on wet or snowy roads is another story. Ever see a dog chase its tail? That's pretty much what the car tried to do every time I barely lifted my foot off the brake. Discover presents Chevy On Ice, and I have a whole new respect for Sarah Hughes! Luckily, people in other cars tended to notice that I was going sideways down the street and left me plenty of room to crash. Even more lucky, I managed to get back home from the office sans body damage, to either myself or John's precious baby.

Thanksgiving went pretty well this year and I made a perfect turkey. Which coincidentally Travis won for the family at the annual police department turkey shoot. He claims it is because he won the turkey that it came out so yummy. It really was tender beyond belief and juicy. The secret is to wrap it in big bath towels, pack it in a big cooler and take it for a long drive on New Jersey highways! (So easy, anyone can do it!) Since this is traditionally "my holiday" to host, and there are travel limitations on my in laws, we cook everything here, and then take it out to their house. At that point, we throw momma from the kitchen and take over. This year I was especially proud of my daughter Samantha for her efforts in Grandma Containment. (She would like me to point out at this time, she has also brought home an A on her math test. I'm really enjoying having her reading this over my shoulder and kibitzing while I type and I WANT HER TO GO AWAY NOW!)

Yay, she took the hint!

Todd and Marcy had spent the holiday with Todd's folks up in Massachusetts and decided to break up the trip home with a visit to Salim's Lot with their darling doggie Daisy. Munch was delighted to see his long lost love again, and spent a good portion of Saturday night playing "six legged race" with Daisy. You'll be glad to hear that there are no photos of that. We had a casual quiet evening, I ordered out for Chinese food and we loved getting the chance to see them. I swear Munchie spent all of Monday in a deep depression when Daisy left.

I should mention that before we had Thanksgiving, we had a couple of birthdays. Lexi turned twelve and (seemingly) invited the entire sixth grade class over for a party. People who have been here for various gatherings think that John and I have raucous get togethers, but we don't have anything on a bunch of preteens. She seemed to have a good time, enjoyed all the presents and apologized profusely for the damage and mess.

Oh yeah, I also turned 40.

John and I will be taking the next week off from our respective jobs and doing all our Christmas shopping in one mad rush. This works for us! I'm going to try and do some Christmas baking, even though the darling monsters still haven't finished all their Halloween candy. I wonder if they'd even notice if I just tossed it out? (Damn, forgot that they read the page!)

Today will be spent decorating the house for Christmas. I had offered to pay Gareth to come up and do it for me (he seems to enjoy this sort of thing) but he never got back to me with an answer. Bastard. We'll be doing the usual boughs of ersatz pine and white twinkle lights. Since we don't know if we will be in this house for another Christmas, we aren't "adding" anything this year, except maybe a proportionally correct sized light up buck to go with our doe. I'm still really happy that John bought me the fake tree last year, but still feel a little guilty that he doesn't get his real one. Apparently the girls in his office gave him hell for it, but unless they intend to come over and vacuum my house every day, they don't get a vote.

I'm sure I'll mention the horrors of shopping in the Garden State next time I update.

See ya next week...



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