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New Years...

Hard to believe my resolution for 2000 was "Thou shall not procrastinate" huh? Actually, it wasn't..but maybe it should have been the way I'm going this year. I've become one of "them"!! My outside decorations are still up. I loathe this, but it has been way too cold on every *single* day I've had available to take them down. I will not be as bad as the people that still have the light up plastic Frosty the Snowman statue up in July. I may be slacking off, but I'm not quite that bad yet. Of course if July comes and my porch columns are still swathed in pine bough please feel free to shoot me.

You would think that since I haven't put up a new pondering since before the holidays, I'd have something to report here today. Anything. Just a little news. (think think think) Nope..not a damn thing noteworthy has happened. So let's dish.

Although it can't technically be called a resolution, I started a new diet before the holidays and have been working out diligently every morning. The diet itself has done great things for my stress level, so I'm going to share it with my friends, loved ones, and the poor schmucks who wandered onto this site by accident looking for Hot and Naked Hamster Chat.

It's called.........The No Bullshit Diet. Folks, you have to try this plan, I guarantee it'll make your life more worth living. What it boils down to is that amazing things were getting back to me about my habits, lifestyle and activities. It finally tripped a switch inside me, and I didn't care. Well, I guess it would have been interesting to actually have done *half* of the things I was credited with doing, at least I think I would have been having some fun!

Why do people seem to love spreading gossip? I'm not just talking about some of the stuff I've heard about myself now people. But in general, I wish I understood the attraction of speculating about other people lives. Is it jealousy? I'm starting to think it really is. I'm happy, I'm in a really good relationship, I have three beautiful kids and the bills are pretty well covered each month. Maybe I do need to be knocked off this high and mighty contented minding my own business pedestal huh? Because I've got some nerve not figuring out what other people need from me living my life. *snort*

Then there's the pots. You know the ones, that have to skulk around and point out all the kettles in the world? Judge and jury on correct behavior, but heaven forbid they should follow their own guidelines for life. Do unto others the way they say, but don't dare cast a glance on the way they conduct their own dealings on the earth.

Over here in this corner, there are the rain people. The ones that can't wait for a parade to start so they can spread their own special brand of gloom. If they ain't happy, ain't nobody gonna be happy dammit. As far as rain people are concerned, no one is entitled to anything they themselves don't have. If they suspect that someone might, watch them scoff and put it down as umimportant or puff up what they have as the better version. They'll make sure to spotlight the worst case scenario and work hard make it the goal.

I don't think it's just pessimism. That's too simplistic an answer. Perhaps it really is dissatisfaction with their own life that makes some people so interested in what other people are doing. Aggression turned inwards is depression...maybe turned outwards it's avarice? The less they feel they have in comparison, the more they need to cut others down? Beats the hell outta me.

The best part is, I don't have to know. Or care for that matter. I just have to look around at what I have and what I'm doing and be happy. Living well is it's own reward....and the best damned revenge there ever was. So whenever I hear something I have done or said, that for some odd reason I don't ever remember occurring...I just smile. When someone goes to all the trouble of pointing out what someone did wrong while they do the very same thing....I chuckle inside. Then I get on with the business of living. I look around, and see the people I love living and being happy. The people who feel that they need to be concerned about me and mine living can have a Coke and a smile and shut up. Or don't, it matters not.

Because I'm on a no bullshit diet...

See ya next week...

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