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Lowest Common Denominator...

They're showing commercials for the new MTV movie "Jackass" based on the tv show they've since cancelled.

It irritates me to no end. Why is this appealing? What would compel someone to spend good money on tickets to go watch morons exhibit their lack of I.Q.? When did society's concept of "entertainment" reach such base levels?

It's not just Jackass I don't understand, it's things like "Crank Yankers", which in case your blessed with a lack of cable television in your life is a puppet show where they act out the dialog recorded during prank phone calls. Why is this funny?

Shock jocks. In the aforementioned new truck, I'm probably going to be installing "XM Radio" simply because there is no commentary by mindless DJs, just music. If the world opened and Howard Stern fell into a flaming pit, I wouldn't mind it a whole lot. Opie and Anthony's final stunt in which they had a couple have sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral was sickening. Not that I have a great love for the Catholic Church, but there are millions of people that *do* and consider that sacred holy ground. They managed to insult an immeasurable portion of the (world) population, and I'm very glad to see that they were let go because of it. The real tragedy is that someone else will hire them and they'll go on to even higher levels of stupidity in the name of "ratings".

Anyone that knows me, knows I'm not in any way a prude or overly straight laced, but I'm tired of all this nonsense. What's wrong with having a little class? A smidgen of dignity? At least in public, or where kids might listen.

I'm not saying we should go back to the times of repression. I'd just like to see a shift towards a little more discretion, intelligence, compassion and ... I'm not sure how to phrase it really. Personal damn dignity please.

Maybe that's what is lacking in today's society. Simple respect, for self, for others, for the result of our actions. The application of a little common sense in our interactions with the rest of the human race. Application of the Golden Rule, which by the way is *not* Do Onto Others, Then Split.

Maybe if there was second of thought about the end result of our actions were a little more in evidence the world might be a slightly more pleasant place for everyone. It sure can't get much worse.

As much as I'd like to completely blame the media, I can't. If they didn't have an audience for the schlock they wouldn't broadcast it. It's become a race to see who can get the most lurid story on the fastest. Jerry Springer...oh please. Hearing about Bill Clinton's cigar antics? Do we honestly believe that he's the first and only United States President to stray outside of his marriage? Maybe it's none of our business, it's between him and his wife. But no, it has to be splashed across the evening news.

If you're one of those people that's a fan of shock jocks, practical jokes on strangers and/or acting like a Jackass, then your opinions may vary. Ask me if I care.

See ya next week...

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