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New Years...

Welcome to the Public Service Announcement portion of our website. Today's message is a simple one: Morons should *not* drive.

But all too often, and with sometimes tragic results, morons do manage to get driver's licenses. Maybe instead of just an eye test, we should be giving IQ tests as well. If you're not any more clever than a bag of hammers, you get to take the bus. Now, aside from the fact that I get to see this from the public safety professional's point of view (hubby dear *is* a police officer after all) this should be plain faced common sense. It's a damned shame that common sense is getting more and more uncommon these days.

What brings this particular rant to the light of day was something I observed today while making my way back from the supermarket. (There was a snowstorm, I had to go and buy bread and milk. It's the law.) A Very Bad Thing must have happened, because both of my local municipal ambulances were making their way down the main drag of town, headed in the direction of the nearest hospital. Both rigs were fully flashing all available warning lights, had sirens wailing and amazingly enough, traffic in front of this two vehicle parade was parting like the Red Sea. (Pay no attention to the buttwad behind me blowing his horn for me to make the left turn through the intersection.)

When we see that there is a piece of emergency equipment running with lights and sirens, no matter if it's a ambulance, fire truck or a police car, chances are pretty damned good that they need to get someplace pretty quickly and we should get out of the way. Simple enough. Then there's the one asshole that sees traffic all slowing and pulling off to the side and figures that it's all so *he* can make his turn into traffic, because certainly there is nobody more important than *him* and where he needs to go. Right? It really should be legal to slap these bastards. Sure enough there was one of these rocket scientists around today. I did mention there was snow, did I not? So already, you've got slippery road conditions, a narrowed lane of travel because plows and shovelers have to put the stuff someplace and everything that couldn't be done yesterday is bringing people out onto the streets today. Fine. As long as we realize we're all in the same boat and try to be a little more considerate of each other, we're going to get where we need to be. Let me tell you, not everyone can figure that out. The left turning onto the main drag genius sure didn't. He took that golden opportunity to make his turn, cutting off the ambulance to the point where the brakes locked up. Airhorns blaring, people honking and the shocked expressions on the faces of people watching this weren't enough to clue this guy into the fact that he might not be the sharpest crayon in the box because not only did he have an extremely near miss accident with the rig, he then decided he needed to swing out around stopped traffic to make another left into a parking lot, almost getting t-boned by oncoming traffic starting to move again after the ambulances passed.

It's easy to believe stories like the Darwin Awards when you just look around at some of the stuff people do every day and some how escape death. When their stupidity endangers emergency services personnel, it's time to get out the clue by four and beat a little sense into them. Or at least put them into a deep enough coma that they don't put the rest of us at risk, or delay us getting help that we need because the cop or the fireman or the EMT who was on his way to fix us is now sitting toes up by the side of the road. If it has lights and a loud wailing siren get out of its way. If there's a traffic accident with a cop directing traffic around it, don't stop in the middle of the street to ask directions, because he's got enough to do keeping other Einsteins from driving *around* his police car, since they didn't realize the street was closed. (No, he's just parked his car over the *one-little-spot* that he doesn't want anyone to drive over. Geez. ) Get out of the way when they need to get on with their jobs, because some day it might be you dialing 9-1-1. Donate to your local fire department's fund drive if they have them, because those guys volunteer to go into hell for total strangers. There's a reason these jobs are called by the names *public* service and *public* safety. We the public, should try to keep that in mind.

Oh, and by the way...if you happen to see a real good lookin' cop having lunch with a grumpy looking brunette, don't go up to them and start chit chatting, or complaining about the parking ticket you got because you didn't bother feeding the meter or just ask stupid questions in general. Sure, he has to be courteous and helpful, but I sure don't.

See ya next week...

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