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Happy 2003...

It seems that someone who shall remain nameless was taking some exception to the length of time since my last update. Well la-dee-f*cking-dah. Did this nameless fool happen to notice that I also put up tons of photos each time I update the site, and that takes time? Photos need to be downloaded, edited, sized and html must be written and he can just shuddup if I need a little time to wedge in some holiday madness and such. I was thinking about doing it anyway, so nyah.

For those that haven't heard yet, the results are in on the promotional test that John took for the rank of lieutenant in October. Now, before we get all excited, John has NOT been promoted yet...these things take time doncha know. But by placing NUMBER TWO on the list, and the list being in effect for the next three years, it's a pretty sure bet that he will get promoted at some point. Notice I also said "sure bet". Nothing in life is guaranteed, especially within the confines of police department promotions. But since I'll be taking out a contract on the guy *ahead* of John on the list....heh heh heh. Either way, I am very very proud of him, and when you consider that though eleven people took the test from his department, only five received passing scores at all, it should tell you just how rough this test was overall. And better yet, I finally learned how to spell lieutenant without abbreviation.

In other news, I'm now through "hell week" smoking wise. Yes, it's a miracle. After almost 30 years of being a chain smoker, I decided on January 3rd to just not buy anymore cigarettes. By Saturday morning I was ready to take a life (like this is new?) and got myself the "patch". After some experimentation, I figured out that you can't roll them up and smoke them, so I put it on my shoulder, John warned the kids to avoid Mommy at all costs and the adventure was on. I'm doing okay. Sort of. I've regained seven pounds of the 30 that I fought to lose and I'm not happy about that at all, but everyone keeps telling me that it will stabilize after a while. It better or I'm going to go back to smoking, possibly two at a time. Either way, I'm going to end up in Detox for my brand spanking new Tootsie Pop addiction. The irony being that I don't even like #&%@ing Tootsie Pops.

The holidays were pretty good. The horror of shopping wasn't all that horrible, John and I took a week off in early December and did it all in a few days, got the decorations up and I had every thing wrapped by the weekend and was able to take a few days to enjoy sitting on my (ever widening) ass and realize that I was *enjoying* the holidays this year. Of course by the time Christmas actually arrived I was as cranky as ever, but hey...it was pretty neat for two or three days there. We were able to get the kids just about everything that they asked for (musical instruments and game consoles topped the list) and still have enough money left over to eat, so I consider that a bonus. We had Crickett and Mike with us, and it's going to be damned weird when they finally decide they've had enough of the chaos at Casa de Salim and have the holiday with others. Due to the snowstorm all Christmas day, they ended up staying over one more night and we lazed around as much as we could, after Mike and I went out and did battle with the snowplows. Luckily, I managed to stop Travis just before he cleared the snow off of Daddy's shiny black Monte Carlo with the steel snow shovel. (Hmmm...have I mentioned that part to John yet?)

New Years' Eve was a quiet night. We took the spawn out to see Harry Potter 2 and then home to watch the ball drop on TV. Wheeeeeeeee! Too much excitement. I can tell you're jealous.

The last of the decorations have been taken down and the house is finally clean (sort of) and I'm going to have another stinking tootsie pop. Enjoy the photos and next time I'll tell you all about my brand new refrigerator, which is big enough to sublet to a small immigrant family. No more smushing in the leftovers.

See ya next week...

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