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Different Day...

You know how that expression starts don't you? Okay, I know I'm wicked behind on updating my page. And I do apologize for that. I guess I didn't fully appreciate just how busy life was going to get over the past few months what with going back to work again and having faire season start. I do promise that by the weekend I will have sorted through all 800 rolls of film and scanned in a bunch. John doesn't know it yet, but he's going to help me. (To his credit, he offered...and I'm crazy if I don't take him up on it.)

Life's certainly gotten way more interesting since June. Aside from the whole job thing, I've been the assistant troop leader for Alexis' Junior Troop since Septemeber. It's been a great deal of fun for me, and I'm enjoying getting to spend time with my baby. I even dragged my honey bee and touchstone of sanity Bugaloo into the insanity of it all with me. She came and gave us a talk about being a travel agent and what you have to do in order to travel to other countries. Amazingly enough, she managed to smile through the whole ordeal and still speaks to me. That's love folks.

The summer went really well. We had guests in and out all season, and had the pleasure of going down to Maryland Renaissance Festival for a couple of weekends of grown up time. Trust me on this one, if you have kids or are even thinking about having them someday...go away with your spouse for a little alone time. It's very restorative and a whole lot of fun.

I am going take a small moment to do some bragging on my kids. Both Travis and Lexi earned all A's and B's for the first marking period of school and were awarded Principal's Awards. Samantha, now going to "real" (Junior High) school, had a little bit of trouble grasping some of the math they threw at her, so she did get a C in the end. Considering she had been in danger of failing the first marking period, I'm pretty damned proud of her too. I don't know how I got so lucky with my kids, but everyday I find something to marvel at about them. Even if it's to wonder how they manage to survive in the pile of mess they call bedrooms, I do marvel at them.

Back in October, we had the pleasure of being in the wedding of Rick and Darlene Shellhouse. All five of us were in the wedding, me as Matron of Honor, John as Best Man, Samantha as the Jr. Bridesmaid, Alexis as the flower girl and Travis as the random short guy at the altar. The service was absolutely beautiful, performed outdoors at the Wayne Manor with a reception right after *inside* the Wayne Manor. It was a great party and from all reports the happy couple is still happy lo' these many weeks afterwards. I don't have any photos to scan of that...in fact, I don't think I have even one picture from the whole wedding. If anyone reading this *did* manage to get some pictures of my family, would you send one to me? I'd sure appreciate it!

I'm staring down the barrel of another holiday season. Oh joy, oh rapture. Bah fsking humbug. I really want to start circulating a petition to have holidays only during leap years. Maybe even alternating holidays, once every four years. We did the big family Thanksgiving. For the first time ever, I planned it so there weren't a whole lot of leftovers. Yes, I know it's traditional but I get tired of waiting the obligatory week before throwing everything out so I have room in the refrigerator again. This year what didn't get eaten went home in little plastic tubs with my in-laws. Sometime this week, I'll be standing on a rickety ladder stapling artifical pine garland and a few assorted fingers to my porch and my electric meter will spin furiously in order to keep all the twinkle lights bright. That's the one thing I can truly get into at Christmas. There will NEVER be enough lights on my Christmas tree. Though someday I do swear I will have the artificial tree that I crave. I'm the one person in the house that doesn't really want a real tree, but guess who gets to water it and vacuum up the four bazillion needles it's going to drop all over my rug? Of course it's me.

As of this writing, we still don't have an official "official" president of the US. At this point, it's just boring to hear about recounts, lawsuits, absentee ballots and the lot. Fine. They both got about half the votes, flip a coin and stick em in office and let us get on with our lives already. It's not like it's going to make a vast difference in anybody's everyday lives. It seems that the sole function of politicians these days is to have a brouhaha de jour. Whether it's Bush or Gore, neither one of them is going to take office with any kind of majority support of the people. I hope they don't spend a lot of time figuring out where to keep their personal knick knacks around the White House, because after this embarrassment, I doubt either one can expect to get elected to a second term.

I promise to pay more attention to what's actually going on in my life and set aside some time each week to update this place. Gareth is free to bust my chops in the event I don't get around to it. After all, the clanchief has got to have his adventures doesn't he?

See ya next week....

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