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Dear John...

Hello my darling John...it has been a long damn time that we have shared together and I want to say thank you. Everything there is that is good in my life I've gotten from you. You have helped shape me into the kind of person I want to be. You have given me your support, your comfort and your love. You have never denied me the safe haven in your arms when the world has been a bit too much for me to bear. When I need someone to stand behind me and give me a push you've done it. You've caught me when I've stumbled and cheered when I soared in victory.

I know it hasn't always been the best of times. I've often said you deserved someone more worthy of all the things you have to offer. But you insist this is exactly where you want to be. Obviously there's some flaw in your character, because nobody normal could put up with my shit for all this time and keep coming back for more. You've literally had to help me pick up the pieces after a melt down. I'm still finding bits of broken dish in the kitchen. You've turned the fork story into local legend and find a way to help me laugh about it. But no matter how bad things got, you were always sure we'd find our way through it together. Turns out you were right, as you seem to be so very often. Maybe we needed to work our way through the bad patch to become even stronger for each other. All I know is I'm grateful that I have you there everyday to love and share time together.

Together we've made three little people. I look at Samantha and I see you. You gave me beautiful strong children, and stand beside me to raise them. I see your intelligence and kindness reflected in them and I see the pride in your eyes when you look at them. You'll never know how often I stand off to the side just to be able to watch you with our babies. The way you go on "bug hunts" in the backyard, giving hugs good night, watching Alexis do the happy dance, working side by side with Travis on your "hogs". There is so much love in my heart at those times it almost hurts. Any man can be a father, but only the special ones are Daddies. You my love, are a very special Daddy and I wouldn't be half the mother without you alongside me.

I don't know what the future will bring. Some good and some bad I guess, but knowing that you're there means I can face anything that comes. How I ever got lucky enough to have you love me I'll never know, but I'm sure glad that you do. I'm going to do all that I can to show you how special you are to me. After all, how many women can say that their husband gets better and better over time like you have done. I still remember you playing pinball and noticing just how nice you looked from the angle I was watching. I'm glad that Donna finked me out and told you what I said, and that you put it away for future reference. I hope I've given you half of what you've done for me. Thank you for sticking to your guns, and taking a very grumpy girl with a broken toe out for a date that's lasted for seventeen years. You're still the best time I ever had.

I love you honey, Happy Valentine's.

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