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In the beginning....

This is where I get to tell you what I think about things, make pithy observations about life, and exhibit any gnashing of teeth I want to show you.

That's all very grand and wonderful, except for the I'm so tired right now, I can't think!!! This little project doesn't seem to have an end in sight. I blame Alison....or I would if I wasn't having such a good time doing all this. I can't say the same for the family or my friends on the net that I've been who's cyber shoulders I've been sobbing upon. But I think I've finally gotten the hang of it. The bulk of this site is uploading as I type this and I'm crossing my fingers it's actually going to show up somewhere!

One day I made the mistake of asking Alison if she would give me some pointers on using Front Page. BIG mistake. Huge. She growled at me, and I was frightened. She's rapidly becoming a famous web designer (hey, there's articles out there! Send me some links Alison!)

Pondering...day two.
Well, it didn't upload right. I stayed up till the wee small hours of the morning changing character cases on most of my photos. It seems that John's computer sticks the file extension on in uppercase and Paint Shop Pro uses lower case. None of the thumbnails matched, and for some reason Samantha's pic never showed up at all (in fact, I don't know yet if it has! Viva la upload!). So after I tucked my honey into bed, and eventually bid Rick sweet dreams...I bounced between two computers, scanning photos, renaming files, bumping my shin on the printer. All for the viewing pleasure of you dear surfer. Gosh, I hope you like it, I really do! (Actually, at this point I just want to finish the frockin' thing!)

But as we all know, web sites are rarely, if ever, "finished". I'll try to be timely in my Ponderings and whatnot, but I make no promises. Frick & Frack, and their little side-kicks, the 3 Spawn of the Apocalypse go back to getting first dibs on my attention after this surge of web design.

Special thanks are in order. First of all....Alison for her unending patience with stupid questions, and for not laughing *too* obviously when this site was way too purple for anyone's good. Second I'd like to bring Danicia up to my little cyber podium to take a bow for sending me to all those great tutorial links. You'd be looking at plain text, courier font, white background if not for her. Another usual suspect to help me was Rick who taught me how to upload, otherwise I'd still be sitting in the dining room all alone with this, instead of sharing it with you. Please direct any complaints (ie boredom, waste of good bandwidth, etc.) to him. *smiles* And last, but never least...my darlin' source code peeking, web page testing "do it the way I said dammit!" Gareth MacDobhran, who helped me figure out why it all slopped over.

See ya next week...



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